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Changelog 2017-05-13 and ND Video

here, I summarize recent additions to my public naturopathy database.  I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

[Mission emphasis: I do this continuous exercise to expose the inherent fraud that naturopathy is logically, academically, commercially, legislatively / politically and clinically.  Hugely misleading category labels such as "science based" and "evidence based" "nonsectarian" are being placed upon what truly is science-exterior and even more so disproven sectarian / quack nonsense!  Then, the largest of betrayals toward the public occurs with highly orchestrated '.gov' endorsements of naturopaths as "licensed" and "professional."  Beware, the naturopathic licensed falsehood racket marches on!]

001. added:

the vitalism [science-ejected subset naturopathy] claims of:

ND Gerstmar;
to Appendix B.05.i.c.00.;

NDs Henderson, Homkovics, Lee, Mitchell;
to Appendix B.05.i.c.02.;

National University of Health Sciences;
to Appendix B.01.a.49.;

the 'science subset naturopathy' category claims of:

ND Gerstmar;
to Appendix I.05.f.;

ND Kass;
ND King and Neall;
ND Kopcio;

ND Vishvanath;
to Appendix I.05.p.;

National University of Health Sciences;
to Appendix I.01.a6.;
the 'scientific rejection of vitalism':,
the University of Colorado at Bolder,
by Cooper, M.M. and Klymkowsky, M.W.
and Evolutionary Biology Preliminary Edition" (2017)
to Appendix C.06.b.;,
National Center for Science Education;

'naturopathy blends':

ND Gerstmar; 
to Appendix G.05.c.;

National University of Health Sciences;
to Appendix G.;


as reported by meteorologist Sam Kantrow (2017-04-27):

"The Naturocrit Podcast and Blog:
Well, as an expert observer of naturopathy for twenty years,
very interesting promotional interview. A weatherman's health
recommendation?  Is there a missing medical and science reporter
at TNH?  This is promotional because were is the objective
counterbalance.  After all when you go to Wikipedia and look at
naturopathy.... One point: this 'natural so therefore always good' position is
quite disturbing.  For instance, neti pot lavage is recommended
without this caveat, because things are always more complex 
than such shallow shake-and-bake promotions by the credulous:
the water used must be sterile or you risk potential infection
and death.  See the NYT in 2012, 'an amoeba called
Naegleria fowleri', check it out. -r.c."
in "Dr. Shannon Homkovics, ‘The Modern Doctor’ joins the Life Center of Connecticut" (2017-05-04):

"The Naturocrit Podcast and Blog:
It's interesting to nickname oneself 'TheModernDoctor'
and then practice homeopathy, which modern science
patently has rejected, with a simultaneous promise of
'naturopathic medicine can help treat almost any disease.'
The practice of the ND mentioned states: 'there is not
yet enough scientific research on homeopathy' and 'do natural
therapies really work? Yes' when there is agreement
 that homeopathy is done for scientifically speaking,
and with homeopathy a natural therapy,
the answer to 'work' is NO. Actually. -r.c. 

002. video link and commentary:

002.a. at, ND Vishvanath ( NCNM 1990) states in "Integrated Health Center" [uploaded 2017-04, saved 2017-05-01; here's her page at the Connecticut ND society, CNPA, which links to her practice "Integrated Health Center"]:

"my name is doctor Pramila Vishvanath [...] welcome to Integrated Health Center [...] my philosophy is based upon the four pillars of health and the proven principles of ayurveda, homeopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine [...] to provide you the best care possible [...]";

lots of woo there, as in prescientific medievalisms. And remember when you go to NCNM, now NUNM, we're told that nonscience is science.   A fully regionally accredited RACKET.   After recently converting all the the NCNM pages to their new NUNM format, there we're still told: "the practice of naturopathic medicine emerges from six principles of healing. These principles are based on the objective observation of the nature of health and disease and are examined continually in light of scientific analysis. These principles stand as the distinguishing marks of the profession. The healing power of naturevis medicatrix naturae [...] nature heals through the response of the life force. The physician’s role is to facilitate and augment this process [...] the process of healing includes the generation of symptoms, which are, in fact, expressions of the life force attempting to heal itself."  Ah, the ghost in you that is falsely claimed to survive scientific scrutiny.  From such a basic overarching falsehood, no wonder "Dr. Pram" calls such things as homeopathy "proven."  When is a science-exterior idea falsely claimed to survive scientific scrutiny over the course of 40 years: NUNM, the trunk of the naturopathy tree.

002.b. and of course, we have a categorical science claim from the naturopath on her bio. page "K. Pramila Vishvanath, L.C.E.H., P.A., N.D." [2017 archived] wherein we're told:

"Dr. Pram enjoys relating how her passion to help others through the science of naturopathy began…";

but, of course, nonscience isn't science.  Because it began outside of science, in essentially not science, and falsely wears a veneer of science.  By the way, "L.C.E.H." stands for "Licentiate in the Court of Examiners in Homeopathy", a credential in nonsense from India.
003. and on the page "Services" [2017 archived], she lists:

 "the four pillars of health [] diet, digestion, absorption, elimination [...and we get there too] detox and fasting: it’s a way to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew. The body detoxes on a daily basis. The Detox plan at Integrated Health Center is designed to eliminate unwanted toxins body has accumulated though poor diet and lifestyle. The outcome is to create a vibrant health [...and] colonics or colon hydrotherapy: colon hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle infusion of warm, body temperature filtered water into the colon using no chemicals or drugs. This is a painless, restorative and cleansing procedure";

ah, the Toxin Bogeyman.

004. and on that Services page, we're linked to a 24 minute quite promotional video at titled "An Interview with Dr. Pramila Vishvanath, Director of the Integrated Health Center, Fairfield, CT" [uploaded 5 years ago; saved 2017-05-07]wherein we're told:
"naturopathic medicine is ancient [...] from ancient times [...] from Chine, from India, and from Europe [...] naturopathic medicine is a word coined in the United States [...] the use of natural substances [...] stimulating the body's own system to correct itself [...including one's] spiritual self [...] the modalities that I use in naturopathic medicine include [...] homeopathy [...aka] energy medicine [...and] ayurvedic medicine [...] most medical doctors know what to do with pathology and disease but then it may be way too late [...we get their earlier when its merely...] dysfunction [...] getting early on in the game [...] we will pick it up at disease and reverse it into function [...]  we have a big gambit of work to be done going from illness to health [...] it's a dysfunction that makes the illness manifest [...] symptoms [...] toxicity [...] inflammation [...] thermography [...] gives me great insight [...] thermography picks up information 8-10 years before a mammogram can pick it up [...] we want it pick up up way before and be proactive [...] it's about function dysfunction before pathology and disease [...] it is recommended from the age of 18 onward [...] thermography will not replace mammography [...] nothing is off the table [...] in the best interest of the patient [...] we need to eat organic [...] when I do blood work I then analyze the blood work [...] your biological terrain [...] the four pillars of health [...she recommends] drinking tons of water [...] to flush the system [...] ayurvedic medicine [...] breathing [...] so we can take out all the toxins from the system [...] allergies [...our treatment] it's done based on Chinese acupuncture principles without the acupuncture.  We do it with acupressure.  And it works like a miracle. It works beautifully.  And the patient feels the difference right away [...] it is very effective [...]";

promises and weirdnesses.  A strange thing for a YMCA to put its stamp upon.

005. in "Treatments" [2017 archived], with piles and piles of supplements shown on her dispensary shelves some of which are private-labeled "Integrated Health Center", we're told: 

"homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on the Law of Similars. The truth of this law has been verified experimentally and clinically for the last 200 years [not according to science!].  Samuel Hahnemann described this principle by using a Latin phrase: similia similibus curentur [...] 'let likes cure likes.' It is a principle that has been known for centuries. Hahnemann developed the principle into a system of medicine called homeopathy, and it has been used successfully for the last 200 years [not according to science!...] virtual dispensary.  Welcome to our virtual dispensary! Our online dispensary is a safe and convenient way for you to purchase supplements and other natural health products. Ordering is simple, and the products will be shipped directly to your home or work within a few days. You can also access your personalized prescriptions and dosage instructions for the products that have been recommended for you";

actually NOT verified And dispensary $$$$.

006. in "Advanced Allergy Therapeutics" [2017 archived], we're told:

"allergies and sensitivities are caused by an error: the body is responding inappropriately to a harmless substance. AAT treats the overreaction by reducing the stress on the body in relation to the offending substance, creating a positive association so that the body may respond more appropriately. AAT merges 21st century science with 3,000-year-old traditional acupuncture principles in offering an effective alternative in the treatment of symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities [...] non-invasive, no needles, no drugs, no herbal remedies, no supplements, no avoidance [...]";

another woo-filled weirdness.  Here is a main page, and here are tons of naturopaths on board with it.  Allergies can kill someone, yet they tell us "no avoidance."  CRAZY!!!
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