Monday, April 17, 2017

A 2017 North Carolina Naturopathy Bill

here, licensed falsehood marches on:

001. a version of the bill is hosted by the North Carolina General Assembly, in the document "General Assembly of North Carolina Session 2017 Senate Bill 258 Short Title: Enact Naturopathic Doctors Certification Act (Public)" (2017 archived), and it states:

"[NC] Senators Krawiec, Tillman, Tucker (Primary Sponsors); Barefoot, Chaudhuri, Ford, Foushee, Lowe, Pate, Rabin, Robinson, Sanderson, Van Duyn, and Woodard";

002. and I'd stated, in Episode 012 of the Naturocrit Podcast:

"Gaming the System: And finally, let's talk about gaming the system, aka licensed falsehood.  This is actually a simple formula.  First, by way of naturopathy's unethical code of misconduct, get your schools established, get a gullible lawmaker to sponsor your naturopathy bill, and get all your commerce going.  Second, self-accredit by stocking your self-designed specialty accreditor with your own 'experts' who demand deference from general accreditors, populate your naturopathy licensure board with naturopaths who demand that only naturopaths can judge naturopaths, and ignore basic and professional commerce ethics.  Third, publish in the medical literature in places that don't really care to look deep enough to understand your unethical code of misconduct, therein polluting the medical literature with junk propaganda, places that can hold their noses shut quite firmly as they nervously look at your commercial, ethical, and epistemic transgressions"; 

interesting to watch GTS in action.
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